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At Jax Buying Partners, we believe success is better when it's shared.

Our goal is to help our fellow real estate investors reduce costs, increase revenue and move their businesses into the future.


Together, we have decades of experience in real estate with a focus on the Northeast Florida market. Learn how we can help you.

When we combine our expertise, great things can happen.

Jax Buying Partners is a community of like-minded real estate enthusiasts who want to save on rehab costs, increase profits, find investment deals and collaborate with others to grow their businesses.


What We Offer

Jax Buying Partners offers you discounts on rehab materials, opportunities to invest in real estate, chances to collaborate with partners and new ways to grow your business.

Construction Site

Savings with supplier discounts 

Our partners are able to get discounts on the products they need to increase revenues.

Residential Housing Complex

Investment in properties

Partners have the opportunity to invest in single and multiple family homes, apartments and commercial properties.

Team Meeting

Connection with other partners

Meet others with your same interests and find ways to collaborate on projects.

Professional Growth

Opportunities to grow your business

Expand your business opportunities with the right investors.

What Our Partners Say

“My decision to participate in Jax Buying Partners was a no brainer. In just a few months, I have already been able to reduce my materials costs. Although that's reason enough to become a partner, in addition the group has also helped me to identify a new business opportunity in real estate.”


“As a partner, I have access to a network of suppliers that offer reduced pricing to help us with our projects. Whether looking for a computer guy or a plumber or an electrian, I have a list of people to choose from that I can trust. Jax Buying Partners has also given me the chance to network with other partners, which has already brought me one added working relationship and an additional job.”


“Who doesn't want discounts on materials? That benefit has been wonderful! I also recently saved time when I was searching for a real estate attorney, thanks to the suppliers list and the abililty to network with partners.


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